moving forward

you can register here and stay in the venomous yet somewhat entertaining muck, or you can move on with amanda at (although I’m still in the muck, just better muck). I sure hope you come along for post-affair and post-separation fun!


I had a website for a little over a year. It was an accidental “success”, if by success you mean two million hits, a few hundred consistent and engaged readers, and thousands of trolling haters who have nothing better to do than be mean and to cast aspersions on people they know little to nothing about.

I was somewhat confident that our marriage was going to make it through in-tact, but it didn’t.  At my behest, we separated one year…

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19 thoughts on “moving forward

    1. amanda greenberg

      If I can make a couple of betrayed wives laugh, I am happy! Gotta laugh through the tears! Hope you are doing well, Lisa. I think about you and all of my fellow betrayed wives daily. Trish and I are having so much fun together. She is just a stellar human being. I am hoping she will babysit my children, so they can learn all of her values and be JUST LIKE HER!

  1. Flaca

    god thank you so much for your blog amanda. i love it!

    trish is a dirty ugly life sucking troll.

    you are bright light in a f’d up world.

    keep shining girl…. a light on the whore(S)!

    1. amanda greenberg

      Your blog has brought me lots of laughs and comfort, too! and YES, she is a disgusting human being, inside and out! And she has two daughters! F***ing scary!

  2. leaveitonthepage

    I love it!!! My husband had a 6 year affair with a troll he worked with. She was a desperate whore who got bits and pieces of his time, granted it’s time he should have been with me but whatever, I can’t have it back. I’ll never understand women who go after married men.

    1. amanda greenberg

      I have done a bounty of “research” on these women–and I still don’t quite understand! They are kind of like kids that learn the “hard” way, except they never actually do learn! They fascinate me, sadden me, and confuse me. When you say it’s time you “can’t have back”, I completely get it! I feel like that time was stolen from me as well, even though I didn’t even know it was happening! He saw her only a dozen-ish times, but the guilt he lived with nearly killed him. He still lives with the guilt, but at least he is rid of her. Can’t IMAGINE, wait, I can, your pain.

  3. leaveitonthepage

    I did all the research too.. so much dirt and crazy shit on the OW. My H’s OW was dating the guy she’d left her ex-husband whom she had 3 kids with when she started fucking my husband, she them married the guy while she was still engaged in an affair with my husband. She went a whopping 45 days without fucking my husband after she got married. Talk about issues. The other woman I knew, the one I was friends with got drunk with my H one night in Hawaii, she was engaged to my H’s business partner who was going to be arriving a day late for a business trip. I had wanted to go on that trip too but was told no wives were going, well that turned out to be a big fat lie. She (the business partner’s fiancee) got to go because she was a major whore, I mean party girl. She was pissed at her fiancee so she lured my husband into fucking her after they got drunk in the bar for revenge, after that she stalked him for almost 2 years. She begged him to leave me and be with her. Told him she could do everything for him that I could do. The funniest thing about that whore is is that during that time she was driving a scooter because she’d lost her DL after getting a DUI. Real winners my husband fucked… oh wait that’s because anyone with class and morals wouldn’t be out fucking married men.

    I LOVE the video. I wish I was that brave.

    does your husband read your blog? My husband had an absolute melt down when he found out I had pictures of his fat whore. He wants her exiled from our lives in every way.

    1. amanda greenberg

      “Real winners my husband fucked… oh wait that’s because anyone with class and morals wouldn’t be out fucking married men.” This is spot on, girl! A scooter? Brilliant!
      WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE WOMEN? There is NOTHING in it for them–only pain all around. I will never understand. Do you have children?
      I don’t consider myself brave at all, but I love the compliment. I don’t know exactly how I would describe myself…maybe relentless? Tenacious? I have been known to follow (chase) bad drivers, especially teenage boys showing off with kids in the car–follow them until they stop, get out of my car and “have a little word”–I am not the kind of person who let’s bad shit happen and never “do” anything. I have soooo many stories about shit like that.
      My husband HATES that I had (have) images of her. There is a post about about it–bittersweet emails–it’s long and boring, but if you scroll to the middle of the post, you will see an image of a destroyed macbook. Tragic and funny. Also, I have been “charmingly angry” my entire life–you will find that story in the post “he should have warned her.”
      He, as far as I know, has never seen the website. Someday when it is no longer up, he might read a few of the writings, but I think at this point seeing her pictures or anything related to my pain would make him vomit and make him feel much worse (do you love that I care?) But I do.
      I don’t know if you’ve mentioned before–how long has it been for you since DDay?

      1. leaveitonthepage

        I’ll spend some time lurking around your blog and read the suggested post.
        My D-day was Nov 25, 2011. The day after Thanksgiving, it gave new meaning to the idea of black Friday.

        I have two daughters and my husband has two sons. We have no children together, although he did adopt my oldest daughter in 2005, he was already having the affair. His youngest son lives with us and I’ve raised him.

        I get the angry thing! I call 911 on reckless drivers frequently! I always tell my husband, “you knew what this would do to me.”

        If you’re interested in my whole story you can request access here,

        This was my old site, there are 190+ post, the first one is called Dropping the bomb and it goes on from there. I’ll warn you, it’s very graphic in some places. I had to make it private, too many trolls and it was starting to affect my marriage, my husband read all my post, I made him. I wanted him to suffer like I was suffering.

        1. amanda greenberg

          I can’t wait to get to your blog! I am sure I can handle your website, mine isn’t exactly for the faint of heart. I’m glad you had him read your posts. I think its great that he was willing and, hopefully, supportive-ish.

  4. Dub.Biz.Ownr

    I received your card today and shared it with my entire staff. We will make sure to greet Trish by name if she ever stops in for a cocktail, no pun intended. The most epic karma I’ve ever witnessed. 100% Deserved.

    1. amanda greenberg

      thank you for that! Love the pun! Unfortunately, at this point, she’s probably unrecognizable, having had quite a bit of “work” done since this website exposed her. But still, don’t be shy, “spread” the word…

  5. CLSalon

    Why was this mail sent to my business? I know neither party involved and really don’t understand why I’m getting this sent to me. Please take me off your mailing list.

    1. amanda greenberg

      Our apologies from YTRDH. Our staff is working hard to resolve this issue. It will be done shortly.
      Thank you from Amanda and the good people at YTRDH.

  6. leeAnn

    Very interesting! I’m from Dublin and some of my friends received a mailing from you. How did you choose who received it? I’m just curious…….I enjoyed reading your material! I would do exactly the same thing if it happened to me!

    1. amanda greenberg

      Thank you. As far as the addresses go, I had a “theory” and an approach. I think, for the most part, it was successful (the approach).
      Whenever I get nice, or at least not awful, responses from “her city” it makes me happy–so thank you for accidentally bringing me happiness.
      Some of my material is just for her (so not that funny), some of it is sad, and some is in fun and comedy. Importantly, all of it is 100% true.
      I hope you find something in here that makes you laugh. If not then “helpful” in one way or another.
      Thank you again for your response. And don’t forget to “spread” the word. I’m saving “wives”!