When “finished” screwing my husband, on at least two occasions during Ricky Bobby’s close to 5 year nightmare of blackmail and sexual coercion (think FATAL ATTRACTION), while being sneaked to the hotel fire exit stairwell like a hidden kilo of cocaine so no one would see her, Trish from Dubin, Ohio said to Ricky Bobby, my husband of almost 20 years, “I feel like a whore”, to which he responded with…silence. I mean seriously?  What was there to say? “No, babe, you’re not a whore at all!” She was looking for some comfort and she certainly wasn’t gonna find it.

Trish? That couldn’t have felt good. You brought that deserved, and much-needed, introspection (and you don’t have much of that) on yourself.  And indeed, you were right on the money.  You certainly are a whore…beyond whore. YOUR EMAILS TO ME?… so thoughtful and sensitive, as you promised (warned) Ricky Bobby they would be! You sure are a wonderful gal! Read my latent response to her helpful emails by clicking on the header image or here: AMANDA’S LETTER TO TRISH.

There is no doubt that this pissed her off even more, which led to more wrath on him and then obviously more pain to his innocent wife and children.  But she didn’t give one thought to us. She is a lovely, lovely gal.

Trish also stalked me (the wife of the man she fucked after “knowing” him after 2 entire hours and blackmailed him for “visits” with threats to his job and family) and stalked my family every day since DISCLOSURE DAY: perusing my facebook profile constantly, reading my blogs, watching my youtube videos, followed 2 friends of mine from pinterest (that she does not know nor do they know her or know who the hell she is), and did many odd, scary, disturbing, bizarre things. You can read all the documentation and see all evidence of this in DAYS OF ODD, and a few other posts under the menu THE PSYCHOLOGY OF TRISH.

October, 2006.  Ricky Bobby went on his first business trip for his brand new job with Circus Clowns, INC, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio where he met Trish at a bar.

He went to a bar with new colleagues, which is out of the ordinary for him– he didn’t want to feel “different” or isolated.  He was nervous, starting a new job and all.

At the bar, a woman, now known as “SINKHOLE TRISH”, and her “friend” approached them, Trish clearly gravitating towards Ricky Bobby.  They chatted.  It felt so good to get attention (both of them)!  She told him she’s divorced. In fact, though, she was recently separated one month earlier. He told her he’s married, not to mention wears a giant wedding band.  She said, “If you weren’t married, you’d be getting laid tonight”.

Trish had been relentlessly “flirtatious”. The co-workers he was with had left a bit earlier. Trish asked him to stay longer and that she and her friend would drive him back to his hotel. Within an hour or two, her FRIEND WANTED FOR AIDING AND ABETTING drove them to her house in Dublin, Ohio to get her car. At this point, he was under the impression (and under the influence of alcohol) that they were giving him a ride to his hotel.  Trish got into the back seat with Ricky Bobby while her friend drove, passenger front seat empty, much like a cab driver. He was told that Trish’s house is closer and the hotel is out-of-the-way for her friend. So they went to Trish’s house to get her car. On the way, she leaned over and kissed him, while her friend is aware of EVERYTHING, including the fact that this man is married with 3 children!  With this kiss, he realized “this WHORE is serious”. They pulled up in her driveway, Ricky Bobby and Trish got out of her friend’s car. Her friend drove off as if this is just another regular night. She went inside to get her keys. Her 3 small children from two different men were asleep inside while mommy gets her keys and then drives herself and a married father of three to his hotel to fuck him. Such a stellar mommy!  She didn’t need directions, as if she has done this before.  He snuck her in through the side stairwell door.

They fucked (SWEET) twice.  She took a memento, a t-shirt from the hotel closet, an orange and black Idaho State University football t-shirt.  As large as she is it fit her nicely, it’s a 3XL.

When he snuck her back out to her car through the side stairwell door, they exchanged cell phone numbers.  She called him the next day and offered her “service”. He told her to meet her at the fire exit stairwell. No dinner.  No nothin’. Well, except, of course…

He came home after that first fateful trip.  Acted funny.  Couldn’t sleep for the next 5 years– every night ingesting a sleeping aid of some kind.  I was worried about him.

Filled with self-disgust, remorse, and regret, two weeks later, from home, he pulled to the side of the road to talk to her on the phone.  He told her he could not talk to her or see her again.  She responded with “Ok. Well, I better tell your wife, then.”  He panicked. He was shocked and confused. He said, “Oh my god, NO!” So with this, he remained in contact with her.  A few months later, he was scheduled to go to Columbus.  She was informed that he had a business trip planned,  but the trip was cancelled.  She called him freaking out and said, “You better get your résumé ready.  I know people in your HR department.”

The man is now a ghost of himself.  Two days after this “conversation”, he went to a business meeting where we lived and all the “head clowns” were there from the corporate office.  He was in complete terror that “they knew“.  That she had done something. Remember, he did not know this woman at all.  He had spent a total of 8 hours with her at this point.  He only knew that she is a conniving, manipulative threat.  He did not understand at all her motives for doing any of this.

Six months later, on his next trip to Columbus for Circus Clowns, INC, he met up with her.  HE WAS TERRIFIED.  He saw her. It was AWFUL. (Are you having a hard time believing any of this? Offer to take her to a defamation attorney (be sure to take along her emails to me). Trust me, she won’t go).

She said things like this, for the next couple of years on his very infrequent business trips: “This is nothing more than sex, okay?  I will never tell your wife.”  What this translates to is, “You are safe with me, pal.  I am just having fun.”  This was a test, a test to see if he does want more than this. What she wanted to hear from Ricky Bobby?…”Just sex?! No way, gorgeous! I am totally in love with you and your blackmail! You are a wonderful woman who any red-blooded man (except, obviously, your TWO EX-husbands that left you) would be proud to take you home to meet mom and dad…and to his kids!”

Ricky Bobby was utterly confused, and completely terrified.  She says these bizarre things to him, and at the same time, is threatening to expose what they did, and are doing, to his wife and children, and she is threatening his job. 

Seriously? This story is so fucking unbelievable I don’t even know where to go at this point.

Over the course of just under 5 years, they had sex maybe a dozen times.  There was a 2 year or so time span that she had a “boyfriend”.  He saw her, from what I understand, once during this 2 year “boyfriend” time. Find out about her BOYFRIEND HERE! This “boyfriend period” dinner was her fancy outing to Applebees.  I asked him why on earth did you not escape her clutches during this most opportune time?  His response was that, due to all of her earlier, and continued, threats, he wanted to stay on her “good side”.  Do I believe this?  If I didn’t, I certainly wouldn’t be doing THIS.

In the mean time, she was desperately trying to find me on facebook.  I didn’t join until 2008.  I had never heard of it until a high school reunion came up.  I joined.  Ricky Bobby flipped out.  He said, “Amanda, I have never “forbid” you from doing anything that you want to do.  But PLEASE.  I BEG YOU.  NO FACEBOOK.”  As meek as I am, I joined anyway.

Now I know why he reacted so irrationally.  He knew she was a huge threat to his family.  It would have been all that more easy for her to find me, and have an even tighter vice around his balls. God only knows how much sooner this whole nightmare for him would have ended had she been able to find me.  So many reasons for this.  But the new nightmare would have begun, too.  The nightmare of D Day.  Timing would have been awful (although no “timing” of Disclosure Day is ever ”good”).  But at any other time, aside from the real Disclosure Day of July, 2, 2011, there is no way our marriage could have been salvaged and turned out as miraculously as it did, but not without excruciating pain, exacerbated by her emails.

So why couldn’t she find me, you ask?  Well, my mom has a severe stutter.  When the nurse asked her at the hospital the day I was born, “what are you naming your beautiful new daughter?”—my mother responded with “Ammmmanda”.  The nurse, not wanting to be rude, went with it.  So my legal name is Ammmmanda.  Also, on facebook, my maiden name is included, which makes me even MORE impossible to find.  Finkleweenie.  So she is searching for Amanda Greenberg, when my real name is Ammmmanda Finkleweenie Greenberg.  I think she must have stopped bothering herself with the search.  And if she happened to stumble upon what could have been me, surely it couldn’t be me, because in her mind, I had to be awful enough to cheat on with someone as disgusting as her.  She just couldn’t go there.  We call this “deluded”.

May of 2011 was the last time he saw her.  He knew this was it.  During Spring of 2011, he was spending most of the months in Columbus for the Bozo Exceptional Clown Training Program. She was relentless during this time, which I am sure has a lot to do with why he chose this time to finally surrender to me, and with that, take away her power. Although the last time he saw her was May, she knew he was there.  She kept calling him, texting him, asking when are we gonna fuck? When are we gonna get together?  He switched hotels, envisioning her showing up at the one he normally stayed at. He feared that he would find her standing in front of Circus Clowns, Inc, doing god-knows-what.  On June 24, 2011, he called her.  He told her “It’s over. I’m done.”  She laughed.  She knew there was no way he would ever tell me and risk losing his family.  But she was wrong.

On July 2, 2011, he disclosed it all.  During this week, prior to her first email,  she texted him at least 50 times, most of them he just deleted as fast as he could without reading them.  She called during that week incessantly, because he wasn’t responding to texts.  She suspected, I imagine, that he no longer responded to her because he had already told me, thus, her “game” is over.  But still, she couldn’t believe it.  He finally answered a call and said, “PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE, there’s ENOUGH PAIN.”  At this point, she knew he told me.  She was shocked.  She went completely crazy.  Screaming.  It was surreal.  She went ballistic.  She screamed at him in the phone, “You’re gonna regret this!  I can’t believe it!” You told her? You’re gonna pay you mother fucker!”

Now, your question is,  why did she care?  She clearly either didn’t want, and/or knew, there was no “future”.  The consensus is that she WAS FURIOUS that he now had the control, that her game was over, and he took the control away from her by telling me.  A few more texts came later that night.  One of which was, “I found your wife on facebook.  You lied to me.  You’re gonna pay, douchie-douche” or “douchebag”, and of course, her favorite, “Karma‘s gonna get you.”  Clearly, what she meant by this is–I am going to send your wife emails and make your life, and your family’s life, EVEN FUCKING HARDER.  And she did.

She went on a quest to find me on facebook. This time, she knew she had the right Amanda Greenberg.  It must have taken her hours.  There are thousands of “Amanda Greenbergs”.  Two months earlier, I put up a photo of our family, something I had never done before. BINGO. Then she found my blog through my facebook profile, and my blog had my email on it.

Here is what she found:



I will explain later the significance of this for her, and consequently, my family. On July 9th of 2011, the first of her MALICIOUS EMAILS arrived.

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