When “finished” screwing my husband, on at least two occasions during Ricky Bobby’s close to 5 year nightmare of blackmail and sexual coercion (think FATAL ATTRACTION), while being sneaked to the hotel fire exit stairwell like a hidden kilo of cocaine so no one would see her, Trish from Dubin, Ohio said to Ricky Bobby, my husband of almost 20 years, “I feel like a whore”, to which he responded with…silence. I mean seriously?  What was there to say? “No, babe, you’re not a whore at all!” She was looking for some comfort and she certainly wasn’t gonna find it.

Trish? That couldn’t have felt good. You brought that deserved, and much-needed, introspection (and you don’t have much of that) on yourself.  And indeed, you were right on the money.  You certainly are a whore…beyond whore. YOUR EMAILS TO ME?… so thoughtful and sensitive, as you promised (warned) Ricky Bobby they would be! You sure are a wonderful gal! Read my latent response to her helpful emails by clicking on the header image or here: AMANDA’S LETTER TO TRISH.

There is no doubt that this…

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