I am in the process of collecting letters and “sentiments” through various forms (letters, texts, emails, facebook messages, and so on) from whores to wives.  In the meantime, of course, you can enjoy reading those from TRISH to ME and the, also delightful, letters from PAULA to WENDY.

Inspiration came when I found that, while unique, I am not alone in receiving such sensitive letters from a despicable woman.

“It’s beyond me why anyone would think it could be helpful in any way to write a letter to a woman whose life you have just blasted apart,” said Lisa Grunwald, co-editor, with her husband, Stephen Adler, of two anthologies of American correspondence.

Grunwald said the mistress-to-wife letter is a rare and precious thing. She and Adler found not a one in the more than 400 missives they collected forWomen’s Letters. Women are far likelier than men to write letters about relationships gone bad, she said, but even then, it’s highly unusual to address infidelity in such candid and personal terms. “It would be kind of like the driver of a car replaying an accident for you in slow motion and saying, ‘Let me show you exactly how and where I hit you. I really didn’t mean to, but look, you see how this fender crushed your kneecap? That was the point of maximum contact,’” Grunwald said.

The above quote is from a fabulous article WHEN MISTRESSES ATTACK.

I will keep collecting and compiling for all to see.